car spotting

I stopped by Shamrock to see how things were going on the Mustang. Outside the shop was this wonderful example of the first generation Ford Galaxie, in a sweet two tone color combination of pink and rose. I like it.

I was at Dollar Burger Night with friends when Sean came back inside and informed me that there were some really sweet cars parked next to Kyle’s also-sweet Jeep Comanche. When I left the bar to go home, I swung around the back of the lot to take a look. There was a clean lowered VW Caddy sitting right next to the older relative of my Volvo, a Volvo 145 in nice driver shape. Makes me wish I was tootling about town with my Volvo right about now…

Spent nearly four hours wandering around Cobo Hall and shot four rolls of 120 film. Of all the cars I looked at at Autorama, this one is my favorite. I talked to the guy who built it; he took a year off of work and spent eight months of that year working full time on this build. Sure, you’ll cook to death underneath that canopy whenever you drive the thing, but damn, if this car doesn’t look cool as fuck.