Still waiting for word back on the Fiesta ST, but I’m already fantasizing about replacing that car with something else. The Honda dealership here in Southfield has this really pretty Civic Si in blue, and I kinda really want one. After hanging out on Woodward, I swung by to take a look at the car in person. Hmm…

I’ve got a new land yacht to sail around town. For someone used to driving only lowered sports and sporty cars, driving this F-150 around town feels like I’m flying around in a blimp.

This is cool: a low mileage 1991 Jeep Comanche Eliminator for $7500. RWD, stick shift, and has these cool graphics. Has needs, but looks fantastic. For a brief while, trucks like these raced in the RaceTruck Challenge. Not that I’d go about making this a race truck, but the fact that trucks like these were raced and won races makes these very interesting to me. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/cto/6526180406.html

The 90’s called; they’re looking for their Ford Ranger. The color, the pinstripes, the visor, and the wheels and tires are a perfect match. If it was a Splash with the flareside styled bed, it would be even better. This 80k mile minter is available for just $4900! Sure, that’s a lot of money for a Ranger, but you could unironically wear light up sneakers while driving this thing, and that’s got to be worth something. https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/cto/d/94-ranger-xltsuper/6514622829.html

Spent nearly four hours wandering around Cobo Hall and shot four rolls of 120 film. Of all the cars I looked at at Autorama, this one is my favorite. I talked to the guy who built it; he took a year off of work and spent eight months of that year working full time on this build. Sure, you’ll cook to death underneath that canopy whenever you drive the thing, but damn, if this car doesn’t look cool as fuck.

Checking out a BMW 2002 for sale

So, there’s a reason why I drove the Morgan yesterday, and it’s not just because it was a beautiful day to driving around top down in the depths of winter. There was a local Craigslist ad listing a 1971 BMW 2002 for sale with as asking price of $12,500, a low enough price for a roundie that I was seriously tempted to grab some cash out of my savings account and go buy the thing just to check “own a roundie BMW” off my automotive check list.

Doing so would require replacing a car in the fleet. The only car in the fleet I can replace right now is the Morgan. So I drove the Morgan in the cold, through rush hour traffic, one hour to Rochester Hills to check out the car, and then drove it back. Nothing like a drive in the car to be replaced to make you really consider if you’re willing to sway it for a different car… (more…)