Well, this is a good a story as any, and a nice capstone on the year’s time trials season.

I’ve been splitting my motorsports attention between autocross and time trials. My original plans at the beginning of the year were to go to all of the National Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) autocross events in the Midwest and tackle a few National SCCA Time Trials (TT) events at the tracks that I really wanted to run, but the pandemic had other ideas and flipped my schedule on its head. I ended up not being able to attend a single National autocross event — I even paid for the Pro Solo pass and never got to use it! — and instead went to a bunch of time trials events.

One of those time trials events was the SCCA TT at Road America, originally scheduled for the spring and to be run in conjunction with Global Time Attack (GTA). However, thanks to the pandemic, the event was binned and a rescheduled event was promised. Entry fee refunds were offered for those that wanted them, but I kept my entry in the books for the reschedule, which wouldn’t come to light until the month of October. Eventually, the date of the rescheduled TT was announced: it was to run alongside the American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) on the first weekend of November. (more…)

For a brief while on Facebook, motorsports friends were doing the “10 Year Challenge,” posting a picture of what they were driving 10 years ago compared to what they are driving now. Almost everyone I know is driving something different from what they were driving back then — makes sense, as can someone really run the same car in the same motorsport for a whole decade?

Then I realized that I did basically just that. (more…)

Finally got around to installing the new rear bumper cover on the Miata, replacing the cracked red original bumper that got damaged when the previous owner’s codriver accidentally put the car backwards into a jersey barrier. (BFG Rivals + standing water on the highway = lots of opposite lock to save the car from spinning.)

All of the body panels on the car that are plastic are now silver, and everything that is metal is still red. I’ve got several cans of silver plastidip and will try to integrate the silver with the red.

I also replaced all of the trunk plastics with pieces that haven’t been scratched to hell and back from toolboxes and jacks and jack stands rattling around in the trunk. Fresh trunk plastics don’t make the car go any faster, but I’m doing my best to restore the car from “absolute hooptie” to “hooptie.”

Time to replace the rear bumper cover and the cracked rear tail light. I’ve never taken the rear bumper cover off before, so this is a new view for me…

I have arrived at CMP and swapped the track tires and pads on the car. This will be an interesting weekend — I have never driven this track before, and it’s supposed to rain all weekend long. My primary goal is not to cripple the car here…

I’m running on four hours of sleep — perfect for an 11 hour drive? South Carolina, here I come.

Dragged the tire trailer out from the backyard, and installed the trailer wiring harness on the Fiesta ST. My trailer may not be as fancy or as good-looking as those newfangled Leroy tire trailers, but dagummit, my ugly trailer can haul two sets of wheels and tires in a pinch. Also, I have new 245 width tires for the Miata to make the car legal for T5 for this weekend’s time trials at Gingerman. Time to hit up the tire shop tomorrow morning…

Roll bar is fitted to the car. Just need to anchor the footwell plate for the petty bar and drill out a snapped bolt (fuck), and the roll bar install will be complete. Just in time, hopefully, for the SCCA Time Trials at Gingerman this weekend.

I finally unboxed my Hard Dog roll bar. I bought this roll bar years ago for the NC with the intention of retiring it from autocross duty, but I never got around to it. I sold the Miata to Shane and shoved the thing into storage in my garage. Now I have the car back, so I guess it’s time to continue the original plans I had years ago for the car…