Fiesta ST

The nice thing about living next to work is that even during a winter storm warning, doubling my commute time to an agonizing eight minutes is still very doable. (The sacrifices one makes for a career!) I drove in to work so I wouldn’t be cooped up at home getting cabin fever, but it looks like there won’t be much human interaction at the office today either. Instead of parking in the farthest corner of the lot like I usually do, I took an EXECUTIVE SPOT by the front door. Also, like the consummate BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL that I am, I did some flowy handbrake turns into and around the parking lot before walking into a building with about a dozen people in its entirety.

It wouldn’t be a John Li car without bumper damage. Nailed a cone trying to stay way inside of a sweeper where there was grip, and drove a bit too inside. As it turns out, whacking a cone sliding sideways at 40 mph when the temperature is in single digits doesn’t do a bumper good.

Then again, I was in a snowy field going sideways at 40 mph. I had my doubts when I left the house and traveled west towards Crystal; the whole drive there, the temperature gauge in the dashboard never topped 3 degrees Fahrenheit. But one I got on site, the sun was out and the wind was nonexistent, making the eight hours of time spent outside pretty tolerable. And the course was long and quick, and I had a complete ball of a time.

And now that the car has been made shitty, it is fit for more rallycrossing…

Bored of the 2005 Honda Civic EX coupe that I was daily driving at the time, I succumbed to the siren song of cheap turbo horsepower and picked up this 2016 model year Fiesta ST at the beginning of 2017. Because the car was a leftover 2016 model sitting on the dealership lot three months into the new year, I managed to get a fantastic deal on a nearly fully loaded Fiesta ST — a $5k cash factory rebate.

This car has all of the options except for the headroom-robbing moonroof. It has aggressive yet comfortable Recaro bucket seats that are also heated — a godsend in cold weather. It has automatic climate control and a touchscreen infotainment system. And of course, it has a peppy little turbocharged 4-banger putting power through a 6-speed manual.

I’ve told myself that I can’t do anything to this car. So far, outside of extra wheels and tires, I’ve accomplished that goal. We’ll see if that equilibrium lasts…