The Morgan is sold

Money and a bill of sale have changed hands, so the Morgan is officially sold. The original plan was for me to road trip the Morgan 6 hours down to Champaign, Illinois this weekend, instruct at the CCSCC solo school, maybe play around with the car during the test and tune, leave it with its new owner, and go back to Michigan. As it’s currently still winter down in Illinois, the solo school was postponed, and the Morgan sits safe and snug in my garage. Arrangements will be made for delivery later.

With that said, it should be pretty obvious now who the new owner of the Morgan is. It’s none other than Barry, one of the old timers who welcomed me to CCSCC when I first started autocrossing, one of the folks who encouraged me to get involved with the Board and with running autocross events, and who served as my safety steward for all the autocross events I chaired. Most importantly, he was a British car guy with a specific penchant for TVRs, bringing out his TVR 2500M out to autocrosses (when it ran) and imbuing me with a love for really obscure British cars. It is only fitting then that my Morgan goes to him.