Fit for rallycrossing now

It wouldn’t be a John Li car without bumper damage. Nailed a cone trying to stay way inside of a sweeper where there was grip, and drove a bit too inside. As it turns out, whacking a cone sliding sideways at 40 mph when the temperature is in single digits doesn’t do a bumper good.

Then again, I was in a snowy field going sideways at 40 mph. I had my doubts when I left the house and traveled west towards Crystal; the whole drive there, the temperature gauge in the dashboard never topped 3 degrees Fahrenheit. But one I got on site, the sun was out and the wind was nonexistent, making the eight hours of time spent outside pretty tolerable. And the course was long and quick, and I had a complete ball of a time.

And now that the car has been made shitty, it is fit for more rallycrossing…