Photo by Neil Britton

There was a driver quality Jaguar E-Type being auctioned off on Bring a Trailer, and I was among the last few bidders attempting to win the car. I didn’t win the auction. The very next day, my friend Soizic forwarded me a Craigslist ad for a local 1967 Morgan Plus 4.

The car was rescued by Bret, the manager of Auto Europe, a local dealership of Lotus vehicles and service center for all things vintage European. It was found in a warehouse in Ohio, brought to Michigan, and revived. I bought the car the day I test drove it. The Morgan has been in my fleet since July of 2016.

The car is very solid, with almost no rust on the steel chassis and only a little bit of wood rot on the body. I’ve been spending most of my time driving the wheels off of the car, taking it on as long a road trip as I could bear (record for distance driving in one sitting so far is 4 hours) and autocrossing the car locally and nationally. I am so very happy to have a Little British Car in my fleet, and an extremely rare and unique one at that.

In 2013, I had sold my house back in Illinois, and as a result, had some cash that was burning a hole in my pocket. I decided to use that cash to buy my first classic car. After test driving several different vintage cars, everything from Model A Fords to Triumph TR6s, I settled on the Fisher Price My First Classic Car: a celery green 1966 Mustang with a black vinyl roof.

The car looks like a Mustang GT, but it’s not a true GT. Whomever did the work made the car an almost perfect tribute, if it weren’t for the poor workmanship in rebadging the car (the badges are obviously pinned in the wrong places on the fenders) and the wiring (the fog lights only work when the headlights are on), one would be hard pressed to tell that this isn’t a real GT package car. The car started off as an A-code (4 barrel carb on a 289 V8 engine) 3-speed manual car, with the GT fog lights, GT dual exhaust, front disc brakes, and 4-speed Toploader transmission added.

I’ve taken this car on many long road trips — a trip down to the Mustang 50th Anniversary celebration in North Carolina, a trip to the West Coast and back, among many others — and is currently being prepared for its longest and most grueling road trip to date: a run in the Alcan 5000, a road rally that runs from Seattle up to Alaska.