December 2017

So, there’s a reason why I drove the Morgan yesterday, and it’s not just because it was a beautiful day to driving around top down in the depths of winter. There was a local Craigslist ad listing a 1971 BMW 2002 for sale with as asking price of $12,500, a low enough price for a roundie that I was seriously tempted to grab some cash out of my savings account and go buy the thing just to check “own a roundie BMW” off my automotive check list.

Doing so would require replacing a car in the fleet. The only car in the fleet I can replace right now is the Morgan. So I drove the Morgan in the cold, through rush hour traffic, one hour to Rochester Hills to check out the car, and then drove it back. Nothing like a drive in the car to be replaced to make you really consider if you’re willing to sway it for a different car… (more…)

Temperature above 15 degrees Fahrenheit? Check. Dry roads? Check. Nothing going on at work, so I can spend 20 minutes warming up the engine? Check. A car with no windows or heater, but free from the tyranny of having a roof? Check. Today’s drive the Morgan to work day!

I couldn’t help buying this cheap little $0.99 key tag for the Morgan, because every drive in the car is an adventure. Sadly, I took the car out for a quick last drive for the year to fill up the tank, taking unsalted neighborhood roads to the gas station and back before tucking the car into the garage for the winter. The snow is super light, and it’s not accumulating on the ground, but the scourge of salt trucks have begun nonetheless…